2021-09-15T21:05:22+00:00 Coinbase Today, Coinbase filed an application with the NFA to register as an FCM → Futures Commission Merchant. This is th… https://t.co/6amcOmo5QZ coinbase 1438247595877416962
2021-09-13T19:07:53+00:00 CoinDesk SEC Chair @GaryGensler said that almost all crypto trading platforms needed to register with the SEC in testimony b… https://t.co/djcuJYr4Z6 CoinDesk 1437493252098338816
2021-09-13T14:21:36+00:00 *Walter Bloomberg WALMART HAS CONFIRMED NEWS ABOUT LITECOIN PARTNERSHIP IS FAKE - CNBC DeItaone 1437421205393395715
2021-09-13T13:43:25+00:00 Steven https://t.co/Tn2N7HdfhF (the email domain used in the press release) was registered last month and doesn't go to an… https://t.co/4RIAnxCHkU Dogetoshi 1437411599074070528
2021-09-13T13:30:43+00:00 *Walter Bloomberg *Walmart Announces Partnership With Litecoin $WMT DeItaone 1437408402301464579
2021-09-09T22:30:51+00:00 The Block ICYMI: SEC punts on VanEck bitcoin ETF decision until November 14 https://t.co/C0Du5BwvVT TheBlock__ 1436094781038399491
2021-09-08T03:06:10+00:00 Brian Armstrong 1/ Some really sketchy behavior coming out of the SEC recently. Story time… brian_armstrong 1435439291715358721
2021-08-31T14:20:22+00:00 zerohedge US Consumer 1-Year inflation expectations hit 13 year high. https://t.co/MQxBpRzGoW zerohedge 1432709854414651392
2021-08-27T14:16:41+00:00 Bloomberg Economics BREAKING: Jerome Powell says the Fed could begin tapering bond purchases this year, though it won’t be in a hurry t… https://t.co/Nraba4sZ5s economics 1431259377848262657
2021-08-19T17:36:28+00:00 *Walter Bloomberg *ONLYFANS TO PROHIBIT POSTING OF SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONDUCT DeItaone 1428410550871068676
2021-08-15T14:09:34+00:00 Barry Silbert Foundry USA bitcoin mining pool is the #1 pool in the world right now I'm completely blown away by… https://t.co/O4oL7VnaOx BarrySilbert 1426908929825681409
2021-08-10T12:38:09+00:00 Poly Network Important Notice: We are sorry to announce that #PolyNetwork was attacked on @BinanceChain @ethereum and… https://t.co/EL41tbkIR9 PolyNetwork2 1425073987164381196