2021-11-16T12:11:20+00:00 ビットバンク・マーケット情報 - MARKETS FTX、再び日本IPでもログイン可能に https://t.co/32hN3ClYVn #bitbank_breaking bitbank_markets 1460581248871583746
2021-11-16T05:39:19+00:00 mineCC / minecc.btc FTXに発注出せなくなった? ETHxCC 1460482595276296192
2021-11-12T16:38:28+00:00 zerohedge *SEC REJECTS VANECK SPOT BITCOIN ETF *BITCOIN ETF FAILED TO SHOW IT'S CONSISTENT WITH RULES: SEC zerohedge 1459198923973619724
2021-11-12T16:34:38+00:00 Michael Sonnenshein VanEck Spot #Bitcoin ETF rejected https://t.co/1MLdAzYFK2 Sonnenshein 1459197958726078466
2021-11-09T02:52:08+00:00 Michael Burry Archive https://t.co/P2EcWvDXWP BurryArchive 1457903806872752140
2021-10-27T14:26:29+00:00 Igor Igamberdiev Looks like @CreamdotFinance is dead boys https://t.co/3LlWkonoOO FrankResearcher 1453367501778264065
2021-10-26T14:42:43+00:00 The Block UPDATE: The Korea Teacher's Credit Union denied in a statement Tuesday that it would invest in bitcoin via futures… https://t.co/Nv1ylZmqp7 TheBlock__ 1453009198468452353