2021-12-23T05:26:51+00:00 jack⚡️ @rahilla @farokh @samkazemian @TheSmarmyBum @ethereum I’m not anti ETH. I’m anti-centralized, VC-owned, single poin… https://t.co/NwekZ8VpbU jack 1473887809211711491
2021-12-22T18:41:36+00:00 jack⚡️ I’m officially banned from web3 https://t.co/RrEIAuqE6f jack 1473725424387694601
2021-12-15T20:18:22+00:00 *Walter Bloomberg POWELL: DON'T SEE CRYPTOCURRENCIES AS A FINANCIAL STABILITY CONCERN DeItaone 1471213062552236041
2021-12-14T10:34:23+00:00 Elon Musk Tesla will make some merch buyable with Doge & see how it goes elonmusk 1470703708677840896
2021-12-13T10:28:06+00:00 Bloomberg Crypto A parallel government in Myanmar led by Aung San Suu Kyi's supporters recognizes Tether as an official currency for… https://t.co/Vm2LVOw8BE crypto 1470339740268384259
2021-12-10T14:45:03+00:00 Chainalysis Soon, Chainalysis will support Lightning Network transaction monitoring in KYT! Staying compliant with regulations… https://t.co/r0pbI6Ntn2 chainalysis 1469317238893289475
2021-12-10T10:04:58+00:00 Ki Young Ju 주기영 Korean Gov: I'm going to prohibit withdrawals from Korean exchanges to non-KYC'd wallets like Metamask by March 202… https://t.co/gjyo6WHQ3f ki_young_ju 1469246754977890305