2021-03-08T14:21:08+00:00 The Block BREAKING: PayPal buys digital asset security startup Curv, marking its first crypto industry acquisition https://t.co/OixG2O02sF TheBlock__ 1368929781887156225
2021-03-03T22:02:25+00:00 CoinDesk JUST IN: Federal prosecutors are negotiating with former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes to surrender next month.… https://t.co/HA6ug5pkU8 CoinDesk 1367233928717819909
2021-03-02T12:08:19+00:00 coindesk JAPAN 米CBOE、ビットコインETFを申請──BTC派生商品市場の整備進む #coindeskjapan #CBOE #シカゴ・オプション取引所 #CME #シカゴ・マーカンタイル取引所 #ビットコイン #BTC https://t.co/695mFtJrOs CoinDeskjapan 1366722032474480649
2021-02-23T12:44:25+00:00 The Block BREAKING: Bitfinex, Tether settle with New York’s Attorney General for $18.5 million (via @Yogita_Khatri5) https://t.co/T7bcPaRYWP TheBlock__ 1364194400813936645
2021-02-21T23:27:00+00:00 DEG 現物取引所のBTC残高が急増。Geminiに入金されたっぽい。 https://t.co/z66NmoiRIc DEG_2020 1363631338658557955
2021-02-11T18:33:22+00:00 Carl Quintanilla * PAYPAL WILL ADD CRYPTO TO VENMO WALLETS IN FIRST HALF $PYPL (h/t @JohnSpall247) https://t.co/ETsgKqXC6V carlquintanilla 1359933562284310529
2021-02-11T14:53:24+00:00 Eric Balchunas SEC Commish Peirce just now: “We’re ready for a bitcoin ETP.. People are looking for a way through regulated market… https://t.co/9j1fNqAQE8 EricBalchunas 1359878205910491138
2021-02-11T14:08:35+00:00 CoinDesk Uber will look into supporting crypto payments, CEO Khosrowshahi said on CNBC. @realDannyNelson reports https://t.co/M5w2TQrJNX CoinDesk 1359866930480504834
2021-02-11T12:01:23+00:00 The Wall Street Journal Bitcoin is coming to Bank of New York Mellon, the nation’s oldest bank, which plans to eventually treat digital cur… https://t.co/YfNhl8CUvN WSJ 1359834918210134016
2021-02-10T21:58:38+00:00 The Block Mastercard says it will support 'select cryptocurrencies directly on our network' this year https://t.co/yxyLSuNrON TheBlock__ 1359622831663951876
2021-02-08T13:32:52+00:00 日本経済新聞 電子版 米テスラがビットコイン15億ドル購入 価格は最高値に https://t.co/tzOsJPesR2 nikkei 1358770776233578505
2021-02-08T13:01:03+00:00 CoinDesk BREAKING: @Tesla has disclosed purchasing $1.5 billion in bitcoin. It's also planning to accept bitcoin payments… https://t.co/yr9slahtck CoinDesk 1358762769252810752
2021-02-08T12:42:24+00:00 Breaking Market News TESLA HAS BOUGHT $1.5BN IN BITCOIN - SEC FILING breakingmkts 1358758075679834114
2021-02-04T22:18:59+00:00 banteg Yearn DAI v1 vault got exploited, the attacker got away with $2.8m, the vault lost $11m. Deposits into strategies d… https://t.co/9WbWmsjwSg bantg 1357453626847952896
2021-02-04T13:22:39+00:00 Holger Zschaepitz Bank of England tells banks to get ready for negative rates if needed. UK CenBank will start work on a rate-tiering… https://t.co/Ae2JaKvZJz Schuldensuehner 1357318654157877251
2021-02-04T01:08:38+00:00 coindesk JAPAN ビットコインのイメージ、日米でなぜ大きく異なる──bitFlyerが調査 #coindeskjapan #アメリカ・米国の暗号資産_ブロックチェーンニュース #ビットコイン #BTC #ビットフライヤー #bitFlyer https://t.co/VnjxWDPZa8 CoinDeskjapan 1357133934161768450
2021-01-29T08:22:15+00:00 Elon Musk In retrospect, it was inevitable elonmusk 1355068728128516101
2021-01-28T19:23:33+00:00 The Block BREAKING: Coinbase officially announces bid to become public company via direct listing https://t.co/oKRTEWS41p TheBlock__ 1354872764067442691
2021-01-22T14:02:39+00:00 CoinDesk JUST IN: Inspired by high fees in a hot market, @OKCoin is the latest crypto exchange to support the #Bitcoin Light… https://t.co/DC5bCzFvKE CoinDesk 1352617677982994434
2021-01-21T13:52:32+00:00 あんぴこんM *CANADA WON'T NEED AS MUCH QE OVER TIME UNDER BASE CASE: MACKLEM https://t.co/b3ObZoQF64 UnconstrainedI 1352252742404698113
2021-01-21T00:21:40+00:00 Jake Chervinsky President Biden has frozen all agency rulemaking pending further review. This includes former Secretary Mnuchin's p… https://t.co/WQk5k9H11V jchervinsky 1352048684725317632
2021-01-20T18:34:43+00:00 CoinDesk Blackrock has given two of its funds the go-ahead to invest in bitcoin futures. by @realDannyNelson https://t.co/nvT94QU0kp CoinDesk 1351961371412471822
2021-01-20T18:27:32+00:00 The Block BlackRock filings suggest asset management giant could buy bitcoin futures via certain funds https://t.co/ooaq5rE7Vl TheBlock__ 1351959560681091077